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YES, we service Hybrids and alternative fueled cars too. Your Hybrids are special, but there is no need to go to the dealer for services or repairs.

We have been servicing hybrids for nearly 16 years now, starting with Honda’s innovative Insight in 2000 and Toyota’s popular Prius in 2001.

We have trained technicians, the specialized tools, the electronic data communication equipment and software to service and repair the ever-expanding hybrid range offered by Honda, Toyota and Lexus and Subaru.

We even own a 2007 Prius now! We have a second gen Prius with over 190,000 miles on it. We use it to deliver customers to work or it is even available as a loaner if you make arrangements. It also provides our techs with a baseline vehicle and an added source of information if they run into issues with a customers second generation Prius. What a great car!

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