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This place is 2 Thumbs up! I got a quote from kevin over the phone and it was $300 less than the Toyota Dealership @ Capital. They also were under budget by $17 when it came time to pay my bill !
Kevin provided great cust service & uncovered another Job that could be done during my visit- changing out my spark plugs, and they only charged me for the Parts. I will be back and I will never go to the Dealership again.

-Stephen C.

"The cost was right on target, and the car is running great. Furthermore they did everything within the time they said they would. And they picked me up and dropped me off with no problems. Just a very good experience all around."

~Paul K.

"I’ve been to a lot of other auto places and they always try and upsell stuff. This place is way different because they give you options on how to care for your car. I had multiple issues with my car and he broke it down to me in order of most important to least – this allowed me to spread out my finances on maintaining my car."
~Ashley C.

"The staff is stellar and goes the extra mile. Kevin and Alan know their stuff inside out and love to explain the problem in great detail. It’s a nice change from all the BS you get elsewhere. You’ll notice they just love what they do."
~Kenneth J.

"Service? Priceless. Mike contacts me to confirm appointments. He checks on things he doesn’t really have to. He is patient and thorough. He cares for your car like it is his own, and that pretty much shows that Foreign Affair holds their employee’s to high standards."
~Monica A.

"My family has been coming here for decades. yes DECADES (Even before when they didn’t take toyotas!). Every time I go somewhere else I always end up coming back here. They have excellent service here, and really care about the customer. If something doesn’t need to be fixed, they won’t fix it. They are ACTUALLY honest."
~Tiffany C.

"Foreign Affair gets my support. An auto shop down the street wanted to solve my noisy turn issue by changing three belts for alotta $$$. I took it to Foreign Affair for a second opinion and they just tightened the tension on one belt in about 3 minutes, solving the problem. Refused to take money for it either."
~Kurosh H.