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Why should I fix a leak in my radiator?

The first thing that our team of professionals will tell you is that it is best to keep your engine running cool as to allow the engine to run more cleanly and efficiently. This in turn will allow your engine to last as long as possible and keep it safe from abnormal wear and tear. If that leak is not fixed properly as soon as possible, your engine may overheat causing very costly damage.

    We know that a leaking radiator is much more than a messy situation. When coolant leaks out of your cooling system and air pocket will take the place of the coolant. This air pocket wil prevent your thermostat from operating properly. The thermostat is your cooling systems temperature controller. The confused thermostat will cause massive overheating, resulting in 

    • a blown head gasket
    • warped cylinder head
    • or in the worst case, a seized engine. 

    Our friendly and courteous auto care professionals will repair your radiator, when possible, and get you back on the road with confidence. We want to make sure your radiator will keep your engine at the optimal temperature so you can avoid a much more costly visit to our shop. Contact us today to set up an appointment or request a quote for radiator service!

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