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Do tuneups even exist anymore? Not really. Today car manufacturers spell out your cars needs with different recommendations either minor, medium or major services. 

Here is what a typical scheduled Major service includes;

  • Replace the fuel filter to protect your fuel injectors from debris.
  • Change the spark plugs and check the plug wires. Bad plugs or wires lead to mileage inefficiency, loss of power, and rough running..
  • Replace distributor cap and rotor. Some cars do not come these items, but if you have them, we can replace them.
  • Check ignition system and timing. Older vehicles rely on ignition timing.
  • Some cars require a valve adjustment at this service, includes replacing gaskets if oil is leaking.
  • Belts are an important part of the tune up. We check all your belts and will recommend replacing them if we see signs of wear and tear.
  • Change transmission fluid
  • Change radiator coolant
  • Flush and change brake fluid
  • Change oil and filter
  • Replace air filter.
  • Check and adjust clutch in cars with manual transmission.
  • Test and service battery. Clean cables, add distilled water, and clean terminals.

See our Maintenance Schedule for a full itemized list for your car.

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