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Meet the Staff

We are very lucky to have such an intelligent and caring staff. Foreign Affair’s success is a direct result of their attitude and commitment to customer service.


Kevin Rockwood

Kevin joined Steve in 1982 as a technician. Through the years it became obvious that Kevin’s greatest strength was working directly with our customers. His concern for our customers has become the foundation of Foreign Affair. Today, as the head of our service staff he can answer all your car questions with patience, let you know how we can help you, and carefully help you prioritize needed repairs.

Alan Whitaker

Alan joined Kevin as a Service Advisor in 1997. He brought a long career of skilled customer service in the automotive field to Foreign Affair. He immediately fit right in because he always has your best interests in mind when helping you decide what your car needs. His knowledge and interface with the technicians pull together all the information you need when you talk to him about that funny noise your car is making.

Robert Richardson

You may remember Robert when he started at Foreign Affair as our shuttle driver more than 19 years ago. Since that time he has become an invaluable part of the office staff, handling all sorts of different situations. From scheduling appointments to dispatching work to the technicians, Robert knows how the entire shop runs and keeps it running smoothly every day.

Bob Richardson

Bob stepped in 9 years ago but everyone knows him now. He is our shuttle driver so he gets to meet just about everyone as he zips around town delivering everybody to work. He has also been a big help in getting the office staff organized.

Our Technicians

All our technicians are a vital part of the Foreign Affair story. Dave has been here 33 years! Jerry, 23 years. Bao, 18 years. Mike, 10 years. We have very skilled technicians and they know these cars. Our technicians' many years of experience in the service, repair, and maintenance of Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus and Subaru vehicles is another key to our success.